Separated at Birth: Old Bag Edition

Palestinian “Mother of Martyrs” Miriam Farhat (Umm Nidal) and Mrs Cohen from Life of Brian.

Thanks to Jim from Iowa for the suggestion.

3 thoughts on “Separated at Birth: Old Bag Edition”

  1. How dare you insult Mrs Cohen?

    Mrs Cohen Had a HARD LIFE…

    Romans, a son that thought he was the Messiah, British Film Producers…

    Whereas the Farhat the Maggot (apology to all maggots) is truly Evil walking the earth…

  2. Jim from Iowa

    Thanks for obliging me this one small request. I got a big kick out of it. Unlike Dave above, I think the comparisons work on so many levels. The physical resemblance of Farhat and Terry Jones in drag is quite striking. And as to the questionable lineage of their offspring, I think its fair to assume that once the fathers had had their way with ’em…, well, let me put it in the words of Mrs. Cohen: “Voom, they was gone like a rat out of an aqueduct.”

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