Ehud Olmert’s Surprise Announcement


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is to make a surprise statement to the public from his official residence tonight at 8 P.M Israel time.

According to Ha’aretz:

Political sources said they believed Olmert may announce that he will not run in an upcoming leadership contest in his Kadima party, scheduled for September 17.

Although Ynet offers another alternative:

The prime minister became enraged with the actions of the coalition and the Labor Party earlier in the day, and has previously threatened to dismiss ministers who vote against the government’s directives, but it is unclear whether his announcement will pertain to this matter.

Here’s hoping it’s the first.

Updates (Israel time)

6:58PM: Hmm

Israeli media sources speculated Olmert was planning to announce either that he will not run in the Kadima primary election in September, or that he will step down right away.

Tellingly, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who is currently in Washington, announced that she will be holding an unscheduled press conference two and a half hours after Olmert’s.

8:13PM: Olmert says he won’t be running in the upcoming primaries, and will resign as soon as a new leader is chosen.

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