The Terror-Supporters of “Free Gaza”

If the photographs of Free Gaza “activists” mingling, hugging, and smiling with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was not enough to convince you that we are dealing with terrorist supporters and enablers – not pro-peace campaigners – here is what you ought to know about some of the more notable members of their group.

Yvonne Ridley – convert to Islam and former wife of a PLO colonel, who wrote an infamous eulogy to Shamil Basayev, architect of the Moscow theater hostage crisis and the Beslan school massacre (who proudly claimed responsibilty for the massacre of hundreds of innocent children at Beslan).

Huwaida Arraf – Co-founder of the ISM, who is on record as supporting palestinian terrorism, and has herself acted as a human shield for terrorists.

Paul Larudee – Infamous ISM tool who is on record as supporting palestinian terrorism and is proud of the fact that he once slept in the bed of a suicide bomber.

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