The Zionist Attack Zoo Adds a New Member

Longtime readers of my blog have seen a menagerie of animals that have one thing in common: Palestinian Arabs have blamed these Zionist animals for harassing them.

A trip down memory lane:

Zionist pigs, trained by settlers to attack innocent Palestinian Arab gardens during prayer times. Even though the pigs are wild they have been tamed by the twisted settlers for the sole purpose of attacking Palestinian Arab crops only, on numerous occasions.

We’ve seen Zionist wolves, raised by the same settlers who know only to attack PalArabs because of their evil Joo DNA.

We’ve even seen Zionist lions, kept by settlers as pets, instilling terror in the hearts of the oppressed West Bank Arabs.

We’ve even seen trained Zionist rats, genetically engineered to be impervious to poison, designed to drive Arabs out of Jerusalem.

Now we can add another member to this prestigious group of God’s wonderful creatures: Evil Zionist Sheep!

According to Ma’an:

Settlers attempting to impede Palestinian olive harvests initiated a bizarre new tactic on Thursday, apparently leaving flocks of sheep at olive groves to feed on the small trees.

Residents told Ma’an that Israeli settlers “dumped dozens of sheep” on Palestinian farmland neighboring the illegal settlement of Itamar, where the animals damaged and devoured dozens of olive and fig trees.

It may appear at first glance that using a resource like sheep to eat foods that are not part of any sheep’s diet – and to train them to stay away from the grass and eat young trees, hurting their digestive systems and therefore ruining them as a cash crop – would be a highly inefficient method of harassing Palestinian Arab farmers.

But of course appearances are deceiving. We already know how far evil Joooz will go to make life miserable for their Palestinian Arab neighbors from countless other examples, such as those mentioned above. Ma’an even brought proof: a 57-year old witness saw a Jewish shepherd a few days ago! Case closed!

Clearly, their hatred knows no bounds and common decency is foreign to the subhuman settlers. One can only wish that responsible media outlets like Ma’an will continue to report, without the slightest verification, the most ridiculous claims made by the most marginal of Arabs as documented fact, because the self-evident truth of everything being the fault of the Zionists is the only thing that will solve the problem of Palestine.


Elder of Ziyon

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