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Today’s Must Read

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Miranda Devine rips so-called feminists a new one over their hatred of Sarah Palin.

Judging by the opinion polls this week, the Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, probably will not get to be the US vice-president. But in her brief starring role on the global stage she has been a powerful psychic enema, flushing out the poison at the heart of establishment feminism for all to see.

No more sheathed claws or pretence about “tolerance” and “diversity”. From Madonna to Sandra Bernhard, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Wolf, Lindsay Lohan and Kathy Lette, a certain type of influential progressive woman has been driven to insane rage by Palin’s very existence.

Bernhard, a comedian in America, reportedly said Palin would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she entered Manhattan, a comment she later denied making. In a deranged concert performance posted on YouTube, Bernhard calls Palin a “turncoat bitch [and] Uncle Woman … who jumps out of the shed and points her fingers at other women … You whore in your cheap f–king … cheap-ass plastic glasses and your hair all up. [You’ll get] a bikini-waxed fresh Jewish t–t in your face”.

Lette, the Australian expatriate author, described her as “very, very dangerous. There’s something wrong with her … She’s a post-feminist – she’s kept her Wonderbra and burnt her brain.”

The violent sexual language used against Palin would be intolerable, possibly criminal, from a man. Yet these women think nothing of describing the 44-year-old mother of five as a MILP: “A Mother I’d Like To Punch”.

From the moment Palin emerged, the effect on some women has been like this, from an editor of online feminist magazine Jezebel: “My head almost exploded from the incandescent anger boiling in my skull. Many friends … said things like … ‘This feminist wants to murk that idiotic c–t.’ ”

Not that Palin is a favourite of males of the left-leaning entertainment establishment, with Matt Damon last week damning her as a “scary thing”.

But the intemperate reaction by women to Palin flags something beside ideological differences – a weird, visceral rage, with its roots in some entrenched psychic pain. There is an echo of bitchy high-school jealousy of the popular queen bee from the snarling, self-mutilating nerd and goths who vainly lusted after the cute boys she snared.

The consolation for the losers is that homecoming queens are meant to get married, get pregnant, get fat and lose their looks so the self-made strugglers such as Bernhard and Madonna can patronise them at school reunions. Palin, by having it all, has cheated. Not only was she Miss Wasilla 1984, but she married her childhood sweetheart, Todd Palin, kept her figure, had five attractive, seemingly well-adjusted children and was successful in her career.

If she made any sacrifices or compromises they were not apparent. And she had won the marriage jackpot: a hunky house-husband who is able to take a back seat without losing his cojones. She juggled home and family, even breast-feeding in the office, without any angst, middle-class welfare, or even bags under her eyes. How did that work?

Instead of lauding the aspirational quality of Palin’s achievements, establishment feminists despised her for showing up their inadequacies.

There is much more than high school angst to Palin hatred. Her ideology is 180 degrees wrong – evangelical Christian, hunting, oil-drilling and, most important of all, anti-abortion.

There is even a bumper sticker, “Abort Sarah Palin”, and no diatribe against her fails to mention abortion.

Abortion is the emotional peg on which Palin-haters hang their hatreds and justify their intemperance. The touchstone issue which makes both sides hyperventilate has become such a bedrock article of faith for establishment feminists that they question it as little as their born-again Christian nemeses question the existence of God.

Even in light of medical advances in foetal surgery, premature baby medical care and prenatal imaging, it is unthinkable that progressive women would rethink abortion, even late-term abortion.

For them “choice” is not about choice at all, which is why Palin is such a threat.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Must Read”

  1. It is not a question of hatred of Palin. There are some people (women and men that are prone to the kinds of statements quoted). Most people should be very wary of her views and associations. She associates with and supports the Christian right. What are some of the views of this group? I'll name a few. 1. Dinosaurs lived at the same time as people. 2. The U.S. is a Christian country and needs to return to its Christian roots. 2a. There should be prayer (Christian) in U.S. school systems. 3. Creationism should be taught as a science in the public shcool system. 4. Homosexuality is a disease. 5. There should be certain books banned from libraries and schools (the banned book lists the Christian Right has circulated include Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut). 6. They are for laws banning abortion (not just late term as the article tries to make us believe) all abortion for any reason including rape and health of the mother. Stan

  2. The article takes some statements by fringe feminists and attempts to fit any feminist that is against Palin into that group. It is good political technique, but has no real place in a rational discussion of whether a person is capable of being president. And, we must strongly consider the fact that she might be president.

  3. I think the points made in the article are valid whether or not Palin would make a good Vice President or President.

  4. Stan– First of all, none of those things are true about either Sarah Palin or the people you call "the Christian Right." If they were, these people would be addressing the issues, rather than making personal attacks. This is sheer hatred, and it does not come from some lunatic fringe, but from those who are at the heart of the feminist movement. There is no real excuse for this, from anyone, and no excuse for us to make excuses for it.

  5. "I don’t much care whether Palin believes in a hundred ridiculous things before breakfast — because what she stands for is a defence of bedrock western moral values against the nihilistic onslaught. Although like many others I do not like the way she has used her family on public platforms, the fact remains that the reason the image of her cradling her Down’s Syndrome baby Trig was so electrifying was that she was making the most explicit statement possible that, in a society which has so lost its respect for human life that it believes it is actually a progressive act to destroy unborn lives 'on demand' (and Obama actually opposed anti-infanticide legislation in the Illinois state senate) she stands for a culture of life against our culture of death, which sees no innate value in human life and will destroy it with increasing abandon if it is not deemed to be ‘useful’ enough. (continued next post)

  6. "The moral relativists — most viciously embedded on the left but represented in conservative circles too under the ambiguous banner of libertarianism which prevents such circles from grasping the threat being posed to real liberty — understand very well indeed that, as the first culture warrior from the opposing camp to stand on the threshold of power, Palin poses a threat to the established amoral order which must be resisted with all the ferocity they can summon. That is why she has been the target of this astonishing campaign of lies and smears — most of which have been uncritically accepted by large numbers of people who play no role in the culture wars at all, but believe that if the media say something is so with one voice, then it must indeed be so." (continued next post)

  7. "I do not by any means defend or support everything Palin stands for or has ever done. But I do know a witch-hunt when I see one – and when people scream that legitimate and indeed urgent questions about Obama’s extensive radical profile are ‘deranged’ and ‘racist’ smears, while they themselves describe Palin herself as ‘a cancer’ and even spread the calumny that she is not the mother of her own son, you can be sure that profoundly irrational forces are at work." – Excerpt, Melanie Phillips,…target=”_blank”>The culture war for the White House

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