Boldfaced Palestinian Lies of the Day

The IDF has reportedly shot dead a 17-year-old palestinian, with the foreign press photographers coming out with photos such as this, accompanied by this caption:

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Abdelkhader Badawi, 17, into hospital in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008. Israeli troops shot and killed Badawi while throwing firebombs near the West Bank Jewsih settlement of Bet El, Israeli army sources said. Palestinian sources said the youth was throwing stones.

Leaving aside the fact that stones themselves can be deadly, it is clear from the caption that the palestinians felt compelled to deny Badawi was throwing firebombs. One could even surmise that there’s an implied admission that had he been throwing firebombs, the IDF’s actions would have been justified.

The question is: was he throwing firebombs? I’m willing to bet he was. After all, the palestinians do have a habit of throwing more than stones. But perhaps more tellingly, they once again can’t stick to one story. Consider the Hamas version:

A 17-year-old boy is dead and at least two others may be injured in north eastern Ramallah after Zionist troops opened fire on a group of young men near the Beit El settlement on Tuesday night.

While Zionist forces claim the boys were preparing to launch Molotov cocktails, eyewitnesses said they were harmlessly “hanging out” in the streets.

So what was it? Were the palestinians throwing stones or harmlessly hanging out?

As I said, the answer is likely none of the above. They were throwing firebombs, and suffered the consequences.

Update: This Ynet report contains a quote from a PA official who basically admits the palestinians throw more than rocks.

A PA official from Ramallah told Ynet that the army was conducting patrols in the refugee camp with no apparent reason, and this in turn provokes youths to attack the troops – a phenomenon which has faded in recent years.

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