Ask the Naqba Dwarf

Introducing a new feature: Ask the Naqba Dwarf.

Naqba Dwarf was first introduced to us in this post, showing his incredible acting talents in portraying an Evil Zionist Mafia Dwarf. In his next role, he plans to play an Evil Zionist Settler Dwarf, to avoid being typecast.

Naqba Dwarf has agreed to answer questions posed to him by Israellycool readers.

Question from Anon: Dear Naqba Midget,

Why are you so angry?

Naqba Dwarf: Dear Anon,

Because Zionists stole my homeland.

And you called me a midget. I am a %#@!* dwarf. There is a difference.

It also doesn’t help my mood that the local Hamas kids think it is funny to dress me up as a goat for a quick game of Tunnel Smuggling.

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