Those Hamas Scientists

A few days ago I mentioned in my blog that Jimmy Carter emphasized the secular nature of the Hamas leadership he met in Damascus, stressing that they were “scientists, medical doctors, or engineers – none trained in religion”.

His point was to make Hamas terrorists seem more like Westerners, to show how much we have in common and to downplay the extremist Islamic aspects of the group – in other words, to deny their very raison d’etre in an attempt to legitimize them to his Western audience. The implication is that anyone who stresses the Islamic extremist nature of Hamas is somehow a bigoted Islamophobe.

To Western audiences, of course, Hamas will downplay their religious component as well. Carter is perhaps the most prominent of their useful idiots but hardly the only one – the entire Free Gaza movement and the ISM all firmly fall into the same category.

Which makes this morning’s story from Al Hayat all the more interesting. As YNet reports:

Hamas has recently passed a radical Islamic bill ushering whipping, dismembering and execution as standard punitive action into the Gaza penal code, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Wednesday.

The bill is made up of 214 subsections. Section 59 states that “any Palestinian found guilty of raising a weapon against Palestine in favor of the enemy; countering Palestine’s interests in a negotiation with a foreign government; and placing Palestine’s existence in danger by committing an act of aggression against a foreign country… will be sentenced to death.”

A similar fate awaits anyone found guilty of the following: “Joining a foreign army fighting Palestine or facilitating such action; demoralizing the Palestinian people to any of its resistance movements; spying on Palestine or engaging in espionage during wartime.”

Section 84 stipulates that anyone found guilty of “drinking to making wine will be subjected to 40 lashes… drinking and harassing the public will be punishable by 40 lashes and three months in jail.”

The whip will be used on anyone “engaging in games of chance, offending religious beliefs and defaming others’ character,” as well.

The bill also calls for dismembering – mostly of the hands – of anyone convicted of theft.

Will Jimmy publicly criticize this? Of course not – that would be “Islamophobia” too!


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