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Israellycool Retro Video: Peanuts

A look at Israellycool videos of old

That Time I Agree With Something the Worst US President in History Said About...

Where I find myself agreeing with something Jimmy Carter said

Jimmy Carter, The Peanut Calling the Kettle Black

Jimmy Carter calls Donald Trump's decision to hire John Bolton 'a disaster for our country'

Jimmy Carter Still Flapping His Gums

Where I catch Jimmy Carter contradicting himself

Jimmy Carter: Hamas Wants Peace, Netanyahu Doesn’t

The Elder of Moron just can't help himself

The Top 5 Reasons Jimmy Carter May Have Cancelled His Trip To Gaza

No reason for the cancellation was given but I speculate

Lust In His Heart

And apparently plaque on his teeth

Gal Gadot Flushes Jimmy Carter Down The Memory Hole

Gal continues to go up in my estimations

Jimmy Carter Spotted With Arm Around A Jew

What is just as surprising is the Jew's reaction

Jimmy Carter Slams Israel And Pushes For Recognition Of Hamas

The Elder of Moron strikes again

Jimmy Carter Advising UK Holocaust Commission On How To Remember Holocaust

The Onion called and asked for its story back

Carter’s Evil Lie

Carter lies and says PA recognition of Israel as a Jewish State means Arabs will have to convert to Judaism. As if anyone wants THAT.


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