Wacky Hamas Terrorist Profiles

Taken from the real martyr bios from the always entertaining Hamas website.

The Dumbass


Commander: Majed Ata Al Habashi

Before two months of his martyrdom, he finished his high studying with a rate of 74% in the literary department.

The One With Dumbass Friends

martyr3Mahmoud Hamdi Jindia

His leaders and his friends called him “the whale” for his courage.

The One With Sick Relatives


Muhannad Al-Taher

She likes him very much and that is clear in his marvelous video which shows his best relation with his mother.

The Big Terrowski


Yousuf Abu Heen

Yousuf was the man.

The Stud

martyr6Hani Mahmoud Abu Skheila

On the day he died, he was laid on a bed.

The Stinker

martyr7Asem Yousef Riehan

His family knew he was coming into a room because his scent preceded him.

The Confused One

martyr8Nahed Abu Oda

He never hated anybody.

The User


Osama Awni Hujila

Osama got married with a Palestinian girl to have two children.

The Ironic One

martyr10Tarek Mohammed Darwish

His friends were very sad to sea that he was died in the sea.

The One Living in Denial

martyr11Mohammed Al Shawa

In the beginning of Al Aqsa intifada, he moved to work in sewing. Then he worked as a hairdresser. He was single. He was intend to marry before a month of his martyrdom.

The Cannibal


Nabil Fadil Abed A’al

Despite he was very busy man, he was taking his wife and his children many times in the summer days to the sea as a picnic.

The Bad Employee


Mahmoud Sabri Hana

Mahmoud worked in an electric shop, his relation was characterized by a unique relation with the owner of the shop. One day Mahmoud was taken by the owner of the shop to work in a home, Mahmoud saw a bad picture inside the house so he cut it into pieces, after that the owner of the shop dismissed him from the job.

The Shameless One

martyr14Yusof Al-Sarkaji

Yuseif was eating him by his hands..


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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