Dumbassery of the Day

..has to be that displayed by the Muslim who hacked the KFC Denmark website (hat tip: Juvanya).

If your Gov. don’t make rules for Punishing anyone Insult Religions in the name of ( Freedom of Speech ! ) or ( Freedom to Insult ) 🙂

So, take this rule of Hacking ! in the name of

[ Hacking is a Knowledge and the Knowledge is Free ! ] It means [ Hacking Anyone I want !!!!]

If your People can behave and Learn how to Respect , act rationally and stop to Insult Other Religions

under the name of ( Freedom to Insult ) or ( Freedom of Speech )

Then the Rule of Hacking will be stopped

Finally , I would like to remind also with the decree which the Human Rights Agency in the United Nations adopted on the 12th of April 2005. This decree insisted on the ban of distortions and vicious attack against religions and especially Islam; which had been strongly attacked in the last few years !

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KFC Denmark hacked

Now do you think that hacking someone else’s website is a good way to teach the importance of respecting others? (although it should be said that hacking a website is less antithetical to respecting others than, say, hacking their head off).

Furthermore, if you are going to hack someone else’s website to make this point, do you really think KFC is the ideal choice? I mean, sure , they are finger-lickin’ good and all, but it’s not exactly going to disrupt anyone’s day.

I’d say that this Muslim hacker is one herb and spice short of the Colonel’s secret recipe.

14 thoughts on “Dumbassery of the Day”

  1. Just had the new KFC Double Down Combo, the chicken sandwich without the bun. It was ok, but all the fuss about this being another example of glutony gone wild is way overblown. The two chicken breasts were a bit down-sized and definitely not a candidate for excessive portion size. Not sure I'd order it again (I did miss the bun). That's it for your IsraellyCool food criticism of the day.

  2. I'd like to share my recent experience trying to read news about Israel on-line. I have been denied access to ynetnews (404 error, whatever that is) and Ha'aretz just reboots in an endless loop. I can access the Jerusalem Post, but I really don't like how their website is setup. Has anyone else had problems, too? Any other resources on news about Israel (and I don't mean Arutz Sheva, either) that others find informative?

    1. Laugh at A7 all you want but many of their news stories are:

      1. First reported on blogs like this.

      2. Make it into the regular press (that excludes your Palestinian Ha'aretz) sometimes only 3-4 days later.

      You don't know, Jack!

      Otherwise all these sites work for me.

      1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        Over ten years ago I was on an "askenazi" mailing list which was based on the assumption that we were descended from Khazars. I owner actually considered this positive. I tried to explain that he was really talking about nothing more than race and biology, but didn't get through.

  3. I'd really missed IsraellyCool if I was somehow denied access. It's the first site I go to in the morning. I really enjoy having conversations with you, Shy Guy and others on this site. I would miss that too.

    I've been meaning to ask you if the ongoing news about the former head of Agriprocessors (the largest Kosher meat processor in America), Sholom Rubashkin has been covered in Israel, particularly news outlets that are directed to Orthodox Jews. Since the Rubashkin case is a local story, it has had wide coverage in Iowa. I understand there has been an organized effort by some Orthodox Jews to convince the judge to significantly reduce the recommended sentence of 25 years in federal prison. Mr. Rubashkin is scheduled to be sentenced May 27th by a federal judge here in Iowa.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      I have no idea about Israel news, but I remember a briefing from the O.U. which said that aside from the illegal labor, the other stuff was garbage.

  4. Malha Mall – at least it was Mehadrin last time I was there and almost since its opening date.

    Also check into the one in the mall in Mevaseret, if it's still there. Haven't been there for years.

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