A Question for Helen Thomas: Where Is MY Home?

Helen Thomas is of Lebanese Christian descent. She’s a senior White House correspondent for Hearst Newspapers. And she thinks that Jews should get the hell of Israel and go “home”. I don’t even know where to begin with this nonsense so I won’t. I wonder if she now occupies America?

I’ve seen that there is now a Facebook group dedicated to asking Helen where is “home” for Israelis who’s families maybe come from different parts of the world or, heaven forbid, those who can trace a familial lineage in Israel going back more than a few hundred years. And believe me, I know at least two people here who’s great great grandparents were born in Israel.

The following comment at New English Review is from Jihad Watch’s Hugh Fitzgerald:

4 Jun 2010
Hugh Fitzgerald

Helen Thomas is of Lebanese descent. She is apparently unaware that the Christians of Lebanon have their fate tied to that of Israel, though her own ancestors from Lebanon left the area because they were threatened by circumambient Islam. Why does she think so many Lebanese Christians left when they started to be able to leave, with more accessible transportation, when the getting was good, beginning a few decades after the massaacre of the Maronites in Damascus in 1860?

She has been like this for years; her hostility to Israel, and her idiotic identification with Muslim Arabs, that is her islamochristian sentiment that is not shared by many Maronites who know better, is not new, but has been available for insprection and dissection for years.

Perhaps it is only now that her viciousness is being noted, at the very time when the ideology of islam can no longer be hidden from view, and dots are — admittedly more slowly among the slower-witted — being connected between Islam and the war, the war without end, being waged against the Infidel nation-state of Israel.

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