Fanning the Flames of Hatred

One of the dominant stories of the past few days has been the torching of the Beit Fajar mosque, presumably by those referred to as “settlers.” While there has been no definitive proof they were the culprits, almost everyone – including the Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister – is assuming this to be the case. Even some prominent “settler” Rabbis – one of whom I learned under in my younger days – have publicly condemned the attack and given palestinians a box of Korans as a gesture of solidarity.

I also unequivocally condemn the attack, although I am not so fast to blame it on Israelis, given the palestinian proclivity to lie. Heck, if they are willing to blow up their own women and children, they sure as hell may be willing to set fire to their own mosques to frame Jews.

Having said that, I have no proof of this either, and am therefore not ruling out the possibility that some Jews committed this despicable act.

The anti-Israel crowd – including those in the media – are going after the “settlers”, continuing on from their attacks on them as “obstacles to peace” and, in one case, engaging in deceptive conduct to do so.

Here is an Al Jazeera report on the attack. Pay special attention to the footage from 3:11-3:26 tagged as “Latest Pictures.”

Now here is an Al Jazeera report on a previous arson attack on a mosque from May. Check out the footage from 0:31-0:46. It is identical to the footage billed as “latest pictures” from the recent attack!

Perhaps Al Jazeera did not have footage from the latest attack, or the damage was less severe than that of the previous attack. Either way, they seem to be engaging in deceptive conduct in order to promote their anti-Israel agenda and incite people against Israel.

(Thanks to nurdmyth for noticing the reused footage).

8 thoughts on “Fanning the Flames of Hatred”

  1. Wow, good catch. However, the Arab / paleosimian propensity to exaggerage their "suffering" is kind of a "dog bites man" story.

  2. still no evidence other than some arabs who say they saw a car with israeli license plates driving away

    haaretz, the hamas rag, first reported that arabs got into a fight with the israeli arsonists, and the idf broke it up…a far fetched story to say the least

    this sounds very much like the last arson attack, where no proof of israeli involvement was found

  3. Lying and deceit are prescribed in the Koran, so it would be no surprise if it wasn't Jewish settlers who started this fire. If Jewish settlers did start this fire then shame on them for being suckered into the same low-life behaviour normally adopted by radical Palestinians.

    1. You should visit the B'tselem website which has been documenting settler violence and incitment for years. You can even watch it now on You Tube. The settler scum have the full protection of the state behind them and are rarely punished for terrorising Palestinians. These bigots wouldn't last one minute in a western style democracy without being locked up , but in Israel it has its advantages of being one of Gods chosen people.

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