Great Moments in Saudi Divorce

I say “tomato”, you say “divorce.”

[warning: autotranslation-impaired report follows]

no tomatoGirl girl were not imagine that her marriage will end because of the tomato, but with this really happened, where her husband divorced her in front of the neighbors because of the “Fund tomatoes.”

The newspaper “Today” Saudi Arabia on Wednesday that the husband, who works security guard divorced wife who has four of them children.

He explained that one witnesses an argument began between the couple was triggered by the wife’s purchase of Fund tomatoes, known in recent high-priced.

The quarrel developed into a violent fight with hands in the street in front of the eyes and ears of the people, called the wife to seek divorce Fajlha The pair requested a repeating three times the right of divorce.

The witness added that the husband said to him after the calm that he could not buy tomatoes Fund (3 kg) every three days because his salary can not stand it.

I guess the tomatoes weren’t like these.

Meanwhile, divorce over a tomato? Why can’t couples in Saudi Arabia get divorced over real things, like, say, the husband sneaking a peek at the wife’s face after 30-years of marriage?

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