The Hatred of KOK

Kenneth O’Keefe (“KOK”), the terror supporter who was aboard the Mavi Marmara, likes to brag of his heroics (such as disarming Israeli army commandos), and paints himself as a champion of the palestinians.

But like many other such “pro palestinians”, his true colors have eventually come out.

Here is a Press TV interview featuring KOK, in which he lets his guard down and displays his vile antisemitism (from 7:55 onwards)

What a disgusting human being.

(Hat tip: OyVaGoy)

9 thoughts on “The Hatred of KOK”

  1. If Israel succeeds in defying the Fourth Geneva Convention and making its Occupation permanent, if an entire population is literally locked behind walls and its right of self-determination trampled, then the ability of human rights to win out over an international order founded on power politics and militarism is jeopardized. We all have a stake in ending? the Occupation

    1. Yes. Ending the Occupation of Mecca and Medina. Ya know that Mecca is a Christian town and Medina(Yathrib) is a Jewish town.

  2. It is odd how all Jews have to make a stand against Israelly aggression or be guilty along with Israel BUT to identify Muslims with the vile actions of the islamic Republics of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. is unfair…

  3. @arkan,
    Israel is not defying the fourth Geneva Convention in any way. Please quote chapter and verse?
    The "entire population" is not locked behind walls – not even figuratively.
    The entire population has rights to self-determination that have not been trampled. If they can persuade their leaders to actually negotiate instead of empty posturing they may even merit a country of their own during their lifetimes.
    Israel is not "an international order founded on power politics and militarism". Israel is the Nation State of the Jewish People, recognized by the United Nations, and is the only nation EVER to have lived autonomously in this land with its Capital in Jerusalem (check this out, if you don't believe me). FYI, Israel is a Democracy and the 20% of the population of Arab descent enjoy full and equal rights with their Jewish co-nationals.

    And when, after negotiation, borders between the brand-new-never-having-existed-before-state-of-Palestine and the Nation State of Israel are finally drawn, you can begin to talk about "occupation" and "occupiers". At the moment, the best I can come up with is "disputees" who live on "disputed" land.

  4. The only available solution for the Israeli – Arab conflict over Palestine (the Land of Israel) is by deviding the land in half. Eastern Palestine, east of the Jordan river with its Amman as Capitol should be the Palestinian Arabs state, and Western Palestine with Jerusalem as its Capitol should be the Palestinian Jews state called Israel. The border between those two states should be Jordan river.

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