Gaddafi Death Odds


gaddafiLibyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi has vowed to die as a “martyr.”

But what are the chances of this happening? 

Gaddafi Death Odds

10,000-1: Martyr

50-1: Murdered by his virgin fembots

30-1: Allergic reaction to his hair dye

20-1: Plane accident (isn’t it ironic….)

8-1: Heart attack after taking medication given to him by his nurse (Viagara)

6-1: Flamenco dancing related mishap

5-1: Accidentally impaled on his own umbrella

4-1: Death at the hands of the “bearded ones”

3-1: Suffocation by tent collapse

2-1: Beaten to death by someone fed up trying to spell his name

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