House Star Captures Photo of Israelis Being Attacked on Independence Day

House stars Omar Epps and Jesse Gordon Spencer are currently here in Israel.

Epps, Spencer and Shore plan to visit the Tel Aviv beaches, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Galilee. They also plan to meet Israeli actors and visit the Israel Center for Medical Simulation at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

The trip was organized by America’s Voices in Israel, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, Tourism Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and El Al.

But the trip has already proven dramatic, with Epps inadvertently capturing a photo of Independence Day revelers being attacked.

Omar Epps' photo: Greetings from Tel Aviv..
Omar Epps on WhoSay

Beware the panda!

7 thoughts on “House Star Captures Photo of Israelis Being Attacked on Independence Day”

    1. Jim from Iowa

      I would like to champion this as the latest neologism of our time, but I can't apply any deeper meaning to this than it's just a guy in a panda suit celebrating Israel's 63rd birthday. I would give you full credit, of course.

  1. Jesse Spencer’s estranged parents (founders of an anti-Immigration and “nationalist” party) should see him touring Israel with a black man. Lucky they’re doctors they’d probably have a stroke.

  2. Since Jesse Spencer is an expatriate himself for over 10 years now, its pretty clear that he does not have the same political view as his parents

    1. Exactly why I said estranged, he left home at 17 to work in another state on Neighbours and hasn’t looked back.

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