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Facebook Finnishes off Israel on Independence Day

Facebook commits a massive blunder on Israel's Independence Day. Or was it?

Hillel Commemorating the Nakba: The Only Path to Enlightenment

Jewish student organization Hillel celebrates Nakba Day instead of Israeli Independence Day

Watch: Stephen Harper’s Yom Ha’atzmaut Message

Perhaps our best friend in the world with some warm words

Frank Sinatra In Israel, Yom Ha’atzmaut 1962

53 years ago today

Hamas Blessing For Israel’s 66th Independence Day (Updated)

And by blessing I mean genocidal threats
image Kurd women, picture Shevet Achim, photo two Arab women

Israel Celebrates 66: Fantasy vs. Truth

As we celebrate 66 years of building and prospering, reality often seems like a fantasy.

PA President’s Message For US Independence Day

Following on from Bibi's message, here is the official PA message for the American people on Independence Day

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Message For US Independence Day

At his eloquent best, with a bit of humor thrown in

Greetings From Gals Of The IDF

Israeli Independence Day may have been yesterday, but it's never too late to show an Independence Day video featuring women of the IDF

Photo Of The Day

All you need is a photo of Israeli President Shimon Peres within "striking distance" of a woman, and you have a caption opportunity too good to refuse

Israeli Independence Day

Happy 64th birthday, my love!

Happy Patriotic 4th of July From Israel

Have a great day over there in the land of the struggling to remain free!
Arnie award

Caption of the Day

Now that's some reward.
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