Fight You With Us On The Morrow? I’d Rather Fight With The Enemy!

Brian of London here.

As you can imagine, Palestinian supporters wouldn’t be doing justice to Londonistan if they had failed to “celebrate” the the creation of the Jewish national home in their own, inevitable, way.

As usual the target of their demonstration was the Israeli Embassy and Consulate in Kensington, London. The usual suspects were there, with their same old banners, slogans and vicious, unremitting hatred and lies.

The Jewish and Zionist groups in London managed to arrange around 60 people to stand and oppose this: quite a high turn out for them as they battle internal apathy and probably physical apprehension of standing up to the largely Muslim anti-Israel crowd. This was reported by the Jewish Chronicle:

A man was arrested during the “Nakba Day” rally outside the Israel Embassy yesterday.

Around 60 pro-Israel supporters led a counter demonstration to the rally outside the Israel Embassy on Sunday. Around 150 activists attended the “Nakba Day” demonstration which called for “solidarity with third Palestinian Intifada”.

Participants chanted “khyber al-Yahud [slaughter the Jews]” and waved Hezbollah flags. A 29-year-old man Barney Laurence was arrested and charged with causing an obstruction. He will appear West London Magistrates’ Court on July 19.

Pro-Israel demonstrator Sam Westrop said people had complained to the police about “glorification of terrorism” at the rally. He added: “A few members of the EDL turned up purporting to be pro-Israel, but we wouldn’t have anything to do with them and the police made them stand on other side of the road.

That last sentence caught my eye, of course. I knew that there had been calls within the EDL to go and support Israel on this day and I knew a few were definitely going.

I’ve already written reams about the EDL’s genuine support for Israel. Sure, this isn’t 100% across the board of all members, but then it’s not the central issue of the EDL. But I can tell you one thing: if genuinely supportive rank and file EDL members, mostly not Jewish, show up in good faith to support Israel and get treated like this, can you blame some if they think English Jews and Israel don’t deserve their support?

Just for balance, here’s another account of what happened at the demo from the point of view of one of the EDL people.

At the weekend some people from EDL went to protest against the muslims outside the Israeli embassy, which muslims (and some dhimmi lefties) were calling for the destruction of Israel. The muslims (in Arabic) were calling for the extermination of the jews, following the example laid down by Mohammed (piss be upon him). It was pointed out to the police, that these (mainly British) muslims were carrying Hisbollah flags, as well as citing the genocidal example laid down by Mohammed. The police of course did nothing — they claimed they had an arabic speaking officer, but when asked to have him go and witness the genocidal chants of the muslims, the police could not find him.

EDL stood directly opposite the muslims, and refused to be penned in with the jews – being directly in front of the muslims was a far better place to stand up to the murderous fanatics (the jews and muslims had been positioned so that they were not in a direct line of sight of each other). After some time, the police said “the jews over there have said you can stand with them provided you do not fly any EDL signage”. The people from EDL refused to move.

After a while jews started to gather round the EDL crowd. Some thanked EDL for supporting jews and Israel throughout the last year, and said whenever the issue of EDL came up amongst jews, they defended EDL and said the jews should know better than believe the lying media, particularly when there is so much bias against Israel. By the time the demonstration came to an end, there were more jews on the EDL location than there were people from EDL.

At one point I overheard an argument between some people from EDL and some of these muslim fanatics. The muslims were clearly not used to being challenged on their facts and statistics, because as soon as they were called on these details, it turned out they had no information, only bluster. And from what I observed of the police, they were mostly sympathetic to the jews and EDL. A few of the police were actually quite well informed, which makes a change.

Rather pathetically, the jews were (mostly) calling for “peace” and “a two state solution”, whilst the muslims were calling for the jews to be exterminated.

I’d rather stand with the writer of the second piece than the craven dhimmi Jews of the Jewish Chronicle.


Brian of London

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