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PressTV Calls Eurovision Celebration “Rally Near Al Aqsa”

Iran's PressTV fails again

Interview With Naqba Dwarf

An exclusive interview

Orim Crashes Nakba Event

Pro-Israel Arab Orim continues to go into the lion's den and stand up for Israel

“Nakba Day” Not About Cute Children

On "Nakba" day, palestinians and their supporters seemed to make a concerted effort to use cute children

The Devil’s In the Details

Remember the Arab truck driver who killed one person and injured 17 others on Naqba Day? He claimed he had a flat tyre. But a sheikh is claiming the devil made him do it!

Fight You With Us On The Morrow? I’d Rather Fight With The Enemy!

"... EDL turned up .... but we wouldn't have anything to do with them"

Nakba Photos

The Atlantic's photo blogger has posted some pretty amazing photos from the recent Nakba day "protests."

The Infiltrator

Meet Hassan Hijazi, a Syrian national who infiltrated Israel during the "Nakba Day" protests Sunday.

Naqba Nanna

If you thought hearing palestinian children spew forth hatred was disturbing, wait until you hear what great grandma has to say.
1948 "Nakba"

It’s Not About 1967

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated the bleeding obvious.

An Open Letter to Arab Leaders From The Naqba Dwarf

Our old friend Naqba Dwarf has a message for his leaders
Nakba kids

Nakba Caption Bias of the Day

Media bias, Reuters style.

Naqba Violence

Here's a summary of the violence on this Naqba Day.

More Naqba Shenanigans: Infiltrators Breach Border Fence

Following on from this morning's Naqba terror attack, anywhere from seventy to hundreds of people infiltrated into Israel from Syria, and Lebanese "protesters" pelted IDF soldiers with stones and chanted "we want our land back."
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