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Maybe They Should Rename it ‘Plaza’

The world’s “largest open air prison” is able to get its second large mall.

The biggest Palestinian shopping mall is scheduled to open in the Gaza Strip in mid-June.

This will be the second shopping mall to open in the Gaza Strip in a year. Last July, Palestinians opened a two-story mall that includes a supermarket, international clothing stores, a food court, beauty products, a children’s playground and a restaurant.

The modern three-story complex is the first of its kind in the Palestinian territories, said Ehab al-Issawi, executive director of the Al-Hayat Tureed Company that owns the mall.

He said that the 3,000 squaremeter shopping mall is located near the Haidar Abdel Shafi Square west of Gaza City.

Issawi told the Palestinian news agency Safa that construction work at the new mall was almost complete. He said that Palestinian engineers and architects have been working on the project since August last year.

Issawi added that despite the shortage of building materials caused by the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the work at the site continued without disruption.

Issawi explained that the first floor would house a huge supermarket that would consist of various departments offering food and household items as well as stationary.

The second floor would have many clothes and gift shops, while the third floor would become home to a large restaurant, a modern coffee shop, a cinema and entertainment sites for children.

Not a bad achievement considering the supposed cement ban.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the mall-in-progress.

All the photos are available here.

Update: If I am not mistaken, an even bigger mall has been planned.

12 thoughts on “Maybe They Should Rename it ‘Plaza’”

  1. I had nowhere else to post these but I thought it was funny and Dave could appreciate them. Iran gave the AP photo's of some missles, I haven't been able to find a story about them but they appear to be touchedup a bit and I don't know why, Dave maybe you could do a little digging and find out what these were supposed to be and why Iran gave the to the AP.

    1. Thank you Shyguy, I had no idea, that is probably why I couldn't find a story about the pics. Another cat saved from curiosity, Thank you.

  2. Another mall, while the booby-trapped and rocket source houses from 2+ years ago remain unrepaired. Hamas sure cares about "the people." Hey, but photo opps are needed to perpetuate the myth that Gaza has been starved and battered, with people sick and barely surviving. Pretty sick stuff, and no excuse for the MSM to not prominently show the truth.

  3. soloman4israel

    @jpl greetings.
    hamas only cares about hamas the people they care so much about are only good for being used as shields for the terrorists continued actions against us.
    hamas will always continue to try them-selves/ with their friends to plot our deaths even if they got double what they wanted the only thing on their minds and that of the vast amount of the murdering muslim/arab world is death to israel.
    the point that huge amounts of food is thrown away daily by the so called starving of the area is little reported as they have more than they can use and this is not in main due to a lack of funds to purchase the goods it is over stocking.
    there are people starving in other areas of the world so to say that the palestinians are down to their last crust is an insult to those in the world whose childrens are unable to move because they are too weak due to hunger.
    thank you.

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