Hurting The Hater Harry (No, Not In The Physical Sense)


Following on from my previous post, antisemite Harry Reed has blocked any further comments in his pub’s Guestbook.

He has also gone on the attack, accusing me of expressing “ill-disguised contempt for Muslims and Christians while underhandedly encouraging anti-semitism and a sense of persecution among Jews” amongst other things.

But alas, my previous post has had an effect. Type ‘Shamrock Irish Pub Ingolstadt’ into Google, and my post outing Harry Reed appears on the first page, the 5th entry right after the Google map directions to the pub.

Take that Harry!

In the meantime, spread the word about this contemptible hater and his establishment.

Update: Up to number 3..with a bullet!

Update: Here’s another place you can leave your comments. Please do!

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