Lies From The Despicable Harry Reed


Note: If this subject is becoming tedious for you, don’t read ahead.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that vile antisemite and terror supporter is an outright liar.

On the Facegroup page for pube pulling putz Paul Donnachie, he posts something he and I know to be completely false (Update: Tellingly, he has since deleted the posting. Thank G-d for screenshots, huh? Update: Post is back up. Make up your mind, Reed!)

I have not sent Reed any mails, nor have I ‘scoured the internet” for pictures (although I did search YouTube, with successful results). He claims I have only two intellectually-challenged readers (I have way more than that! j/k), and what he calls an obsession is an actualization of my promise to him that I would spread the word far and wide that he is an antisemitic scumbag.

Hardly how I would characterize Robbie Williams or Justin Bieber.

In the meantime, please do the following:

  • If you live in Germany, do not patronize the Shamrock Irish Pub in Ingolstadt, Germany and tell your friends about it. Feel free to also alert the authorities of his public displays of racial hatred and consorting with terrorists.
  • Clog up his website’s Guestbook with messages outing him for what he is (I guess in the early hours of the morning German time would increase the chances of him not summarily deleting them)
  • Leave your comments on foursquare here
  • Like the Facebook pages The Shamrock Irish Pub, Ingolstadt and The Marginal Prophets (his band), and leave your comments there
  • Spread the word by sharing my posts and emailing your family and friends. Especially those in German
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