Beware The Zionist Troll Soldier

Some good old fashioned antisemitism from online Arabic cartoon Kharabeesh (hat tip: GoP).

The tune at the end may ring a bell with many of you. No prizes for guessing why it’s there.

11 thoughts on “Beware The Zionist Troll Soldier”

  1. But whatever we do, we mustn’t stoop to that level. Turn the other cheek, you know. /s

    The projection is strong in that one. “Egypt is the grave of the invaders”—I thought it was Afghanistan? Anyway, assumed here is we’ve ever wanted or needed to invade Egypt (as I recall, our forefathers actually had a problem going the other direction).

    1. I dont think its even in our mentality to make such cartoons. I have some pretty radical/reactionary opinions, but the only cartoon I would make would explain the situation…not ahve anti-Arab overtones.

      1. You'll never work at Disney, then. Supposedly "Aladdin" is just chock-full of anti-Arab references. But it was translated into Arabic ("A Whole New World" is not quite the same, though) so they must have fixed it some how.

        1. They had to remove one line in the beginning, "it's barbaric, but it's home", but everything else was left in. I suppose it's anti-midaeval, or maybe anti-Turkish.

  2. Its always the strong,well-built Arab soldier against the almost-weasel-like Israeli Jew, with features that are almost facsimiles much more original works which appeared in 'Der Strumer'.
    That being the accepted wisdom, I wonder why the Arabs have unfailingly got their a$$3$ handed over to them every single time?Or is it that they still believe in their own lies and insist that October 6,1973 changed the world forever?

    1. I have an Egyptian associate that insists the won the Yom Kippur war. There was even a few edits on a Wikipedia page to that nature.

      1. LATMA's always playing on that. (They even have one where the Egyptian envoy not only assumes they one the Yom Kippur War, but that Pharoh's army defeted the Jews by drowning itself in the Red Sea.)

        I think they assume they won; after all, we left, didn't we? Same with Israel's original withdrawal from Lebanon. If we ever have a peace agreement with the PA, it will be recorded by the PA as a military victory.

        Take a look at the LATMA bit where the writer "reassures" the Egyptians, with the subtitles saying something quite different. To translate it he had to speak in English; quite brave of him, as he clearly is not compertable with the language.

  3. So it's OK to just shoot people who cross the border. OK, we'll remember that.

    (Like the Egyptian "victory" in 73, a nice bit of wishful thinking.)

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