“Jews Have Been Run Out Of 109 Countries And We Need to Run Them Out Of This One”

I don’t know what is more disturbing. The woman’s blatant antisemitism or the lack of denunciation of it.

11 thoughts on ““Jews Have Been Run Out Of 109 Countries And We Need to Run Them Out Of This One””

  1. She is an anti-Semite. The L.A. County school system fired her sorry ass for her anti-Semitic actions. So this pathetic loser gloms onto the Occupy Wall Street movement and an Occupy “official” doesn’t do the right thing by denouncing her? What does this add up to exactly? Occupy IsraellyCool! (I hope I can get some delicious chicken shawarma during the occupation.)

  2. We need to reveal this anti-semitism for what it is…HATRED. It is a hatred that works to detach all of us from reality. At the Martin Luther King, Jr. dedication, I launched a concept focusing the positivity of Dr. King’s vision for peace against this negativity:

    Occupy The Dream: Weed Out Hate

    Instead of scapegoating institutions or people, we scapegoat our inner weeds. By encouraging children and adults to symbolically root out hate, throughout Wall Street and Main Street, we can begin to unleash a kind of spiritual evolution instead of revolution; cultural fusion instead of social fission.

  3. Good, stupid bitch. The Fed isnt even populated by that many Jews. only like one or two. And Bernumkuff is hardly a Jew. I wonder when the last time he did anything Jewish was.

    She just repeats that old canard that the Nazis and Muslims say. “Theyve been run out of so many countries that there must be a reason.”

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  5. it wasn’t that long ago that the black people in most parts of the world were in chains,and in some areas of the world they still are.
    may-be this lady does not relate to any roots she has or is ashamed of them,she should also note that a huge amount of black people who have not been corrupted by our enemy enjoy now as they have in the past the jewish company a lot of them enjoyed keeping.
    with respect to america and i do not wish to enter into stone throwing it is not intended as part of my comment but theu.s.a.has hardly been the best friend of the negro/black people in the past,so how can one group such as her race dare to make such comments about our race.
    if she feels that way dont use our inventions dont use our blood/doctors/part of jewish taxes most likely make up/did/have done her monthly wage.
    you can bet if she was in need she would not care if it was a jew who helped her.
    so af far as her comments about us i can only quote an english friend of mine who once said.
    talks cheap money buys houses.

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