Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander taking part in a Knesset discussion.


I think a caption is in order. I’ll start things off.

Yoel Hasson: “We are all here today to try to answer the burning question that has been nagging at our souls for a long time. Which is: Who do you think you are fooling with that really bad toupe, Mr Alexander?”

Update: More on the session here:

5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day”

  1. toupe’ or implants?

    and he’s a character actor…why does he care if he is going bald?

    and why does the knesset care what an actor thinks anyway?

    even if he is jewish

  2. According to the Huffington Post, this is a carefully-constructed hairpiece to simulate the way Jason Alexander supposedly looked like 10 years ago. But Seinfeld has been off the air more than 10 years, right? And George Castanza was definitely balder then than Jason appears now. I guess he was just a very good actor then.

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