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People Behind Real-Life “Monk’s Cafe” From Seinfeld Out Themselves as Israel Haters

Disgusting that the restaurant made famous by Jerry Seinfeld would publicly hitch their wagon to the side that hates Israel and engages in terrorism

Photo of the Day: Jerry Seinfeld At Ramon Airbase

Which begs the question: what is he saying in this photo?

Shalom, Newman

Another Seinfeld star makes his way to Israel

Seinfeld And Kramer Reunite For Israel

Some of the old gang are back for a good cause

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Hilarious Haartez #Fail

WATCH: Soup Nazi In Israel

A "nazi" actually invited to Israel

Separated At Birth: Bumbling Bosses Edition

Richard reminds us of another incompetent charachter

The Hamas “Ceasefire” In Seinlanguage

It is times like this, I am reminded of this classic Seinfeld moment


Prisoners are claiming to be Jewish for the kosher meals!
peres alexander

Photo Of The Day

Following on from this photo yesterday, this one is screaming even louder for a caption

Photo Of The Day

Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander taking part in a Knesset discussion
beckham 7

Name It Like Beckham

Hot on the heels of Alef comes the latest in ridiculous celebrity names.

No Jewish Jokes For You!

No joke. Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson has told his flock they should not tell Jewish jokes. Archbishop Wilson said Friday that Catholics must be respectful...


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