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Completely Honest Deception

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch speaking to Glenn Beck for 30 minutes. Important Stuff.

Why Glenn Beck, GBTV & The Blaze Are Different

You are the product being sold to the advertisers

Hey, The Blaze, Don’t Parrot AP Lies On Israel

You can't trust AP to tell you the time

The “Secular” Muslim Brotherhood

Beck is bursting bubbles on GBTV.

Fogel Killer Sentenced

Five life sentences and a further five years.

Beck Is Back

The debut of Glenn Beck's new online only TV Channel is tonight at 5pm Eastern or Midnight in Israel.

Beck Restoring Courage In Caesarea

Thank you Glenn Beck, I had a great time!

Why You Shouldn’t Call It The West Bank

Glenn Beck on the West Bank

Israel Ha Yom On Glenn Beck

He said to them, here you will be protected. And they were protected – until one day he died, and then they weren't so safe anymore.

Beck In Da House

Brian of London here: if you thought my support for the EDL was controversial, let's see what happens when I write a post praising Glenn Beck

More From Glenn Beck On Itamar Murders

Glenn Beck has come back with a couple more segments on the Itamar murders.

Glenn Beck on Itamar Attack

Say what you want about Glenn Beck. He has the courage to call evil what it is.

The J Word

Jeffrey Goldberg notices a trend.
George Mitchell kaffiyeh

The Day In Israel: Thursday June 3rd, 2010

US Vice President Joe Biden has defended Israel's interception of the Gaza flotilla.


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