Open Thread: Relative Silence Edition

Shimon Peres
AP Photo/Petros Karadjias

I’m not sure where all the commenters went, but it sure has become a bit of a drag around here as of late.

So I’m waking you up with this post. You can contribute with a caption to the photo, any off-topic comments, or just send some love my way.

26 thoughts on “Open Thread: Relative Silence Edition”

  1. I’ve noticed that comments haved fallen off sharply, too. I really love IsraellyCool for its intelligent defense of Israel, but also for Dave’s tolerance of opposing points of view (within reasonable limits). But I have to admit that the sites that tend to go to the extreme political left or right and focus on rallying like-minded people around narrowly-defined topics seem to have the most traffic. And I suppose there are only so many ways that you can make fun of a putz like Richard Silverstein and continue to hold the readers’ interest.

    1. Actually, my traffic is relatively high and has increased the past few months. You may even say it has increased as the number of comments has fallen.

      And you’d be surprised at how many ways you can make fun of a putz like Richard Silverstein and continue to hold the readers’ interest (although I would like to think we do way more than that here)

  2. Not being good at captions I’m just sending my love and assurances that even without commenting I am your avid reader.

  3. Itamar Rabinovich has a new book out in English by the end of the month: The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East, 1948-2011. Did the book come out in Hebrew in Israel, and if so, how was it received?

  4. It’s very simple:

    1. Restore the “recent comments” section near the top of the homepage.

    2. Go back to a single sequential column for articles on the front page, whether written by you, Brian or anyone else.

    Not related: make your banner clickable to return to the homepage from sub-pages.

    1. I agree with everything Shy Guy says. And I have a confession to make. I frequently post on this site for no other reason than it gives me hope that it will increase the chances that others, like Shy Guy, will leave a comment as well. When no one else is around, I find myself staring at the IsraellyCool Comments Section, specifically at Shy Guy’s imposing avatar. This goes on for hours. Staring like this, I think, creates a kind of temporary epileptic seizure, like the effect Pokemon cartoons have on Japanese children. There, I said it.

      1. jim greetings. you poor boy it looks as though you dont get out very much and if not gazing at iscoooool and shy guy i have thoughts of you counting bricks on the buildings.
        well i dont get to be in much as my work calls for many varied hours but my american friend looks after my humble rented home and looks in on iscoool for me as he loves the site and oftern leaves a note next to my computer for me as my home is a meeting place to chat together as many of us work away from home.
        well a couple/few weeks ago my usa friends daughter art student went back home for a while so a small party was given for her e’m well we got talking about iscoool and so i brought it up on my computer and it seemed to be very much enjoyed i thought nothing more and we returned to the party leaving iscoool on screen on returning to my home i was greeted by a rather naughty web page of naked ladies iscoool had been-hidden and instead those little monkeys had left me a naughty video site my friend tells me his daughter may have played the joke because his machine was swithed on and he also found naughty pictures so next time you are bored throw a party pof pranksters you never know what you will find happen to you i just glad it was not this week as my wife is here for 2-4 weeks best wishes.

        1. Good to hear from you, Solomon. Yes, I have a lot of free time as a retiree and I do enjoy IsraellyCool. One thing puzzles me about this Comment Section. I’ve noticed that Israelis have strong opinions on all kinds of subjects and they are not shy in expressing them. But I don’t see Israelis mixing it up with one another on this site like I see at JPost or Ha’aretz. Any idea why that may be so?

          1. jim greetings.
            e’m yes i expect we can/are viewed as not shy to speak our minds it’s proberly in the blood but also remember that jews are normally the quieter ones stood in corners and not rearly wanting too much attention (not so much these days even though this still exists in many circles)it’s not a young persons trait any-more as it used to be times move on and our views have had to change with the times and people have become more out-spoken at a younger age i think may-be our exchanges among our-selves here on iscoooooool are more relaxed because dave has made the site feel that way i feel not so far from home when i hook up to see what is going on and also heated comments as you say do not seem to happen so much here may-be we all share the same thoughts or may be other jews with other ideas may feel outnumbered i have to say that i have very fixed views but will as best as i can look at others thoughts and try to be as understanding as i can infact i have on another site i visit/used to not at all very much now i would be happy to blast away i am an israeli and a zionist and proud of it any-body fancy a scrap.
            best wishes.

  5. I assume this is still an open thread. I noted in the recent past, AussieDave provided a photo of him “planking.” I’ve been led to believe by much younger crowd, and certainly more in touch with the current zeitgeist, that planking has now been overtaken by “Tebowing.” For those unfamiliar, “Tebowing” was started by Tim Tebow, QB for the Denver Broncos. Mr. Tebow, a devout Christian, will, after a touchdown, drop to one knee, and with head bowed, give thanks to God. This has become popularized by anyone celebrating accomplishments in everyday life with this gesture. Pass your driver’s test? Beat your best time in the 2K run? Get to work on time two weeks in a row? Time for some “tebowing.”

  6. I agree with shy guy. I think I tried to comment and it never went through. I liked the old format. I voted against this one.

    1. No. I’m much happier with this comment system than with the ever-buggy Intense Debate software Dave finally chucked.

      I lost many a comment with ID. Just plain swallowed up.

  7. dave greetings.
    im so glad to see you have moved recent comments to the upper part of the page it saves all that diving to the bottom and back up again more like the old style where it used to be on the left hand side i like the new look even though it took me a little longer to get used of it
    e’m i know you must get fed up of people wanting this and that but thats the price you have to pay when you are
    best wishes.

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