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Another Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: Shimon Peres’ Migration Papers

Those geniuses over at Israel hate site Quds News Network are on to us!

Critics Fear Trump Mid-East Policy May Cause Renewed Outbreak of Thomas Friedman

Critics fear region may face a renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman

WATCH: Sharon Stone Praises Israel During Shimon Peres Tribute

Said during a heartfelt tribute to her friend Shimon Peres at a LA memorial ceremony

Who Wore It Better?

Seen at today's funeral

WATCH LIVE: Funeral Of Shimon Peres

Live video from the funeral

WATCH: Shimon Peres Loved Chinese Food And Dancing

Interesting stories about Shimon Peres from Chen Yonglong, former Chinese ambassador to Israel
mahmoud abbas

Mahmoud Abbas’ Double Message After Death Of Shimon Peres

PA President Mahmoud Abbas continues to deceive.

WATCH: Wreath-Laying Ceremony At Knesset Plaza For Shimon Peres z”l

President Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Knesset Chairman Yuli Edelstein lay memorial wreaths by President Peres' coffin

Vile Reactions To Shimon Peres’ Death By Leading Israel Haters And Antisemites

And now we turn our attention to the scum and villainy

Shimon Peres 1923-2016

Shimon Peres has passed away at the age of 93

Shimon Peres In Critical Condition; Israel Haters React

Worrying news - and upsetting reactions

When They Were Young: Can You Identify The Israeli Politician?

Whether or not you can, I think we can all agree they were pretty cute
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