Lauren Booth May Face Criminal Investigation


Antisemite and apparent occasional Israellycool reader, Lauren Booth, may be in a whole heap of trouble

Lauren Booth hamas

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, who has spoken about her shame and embarrassment of becoming insolvent, could face a criminal investigation into her failure to stand down as a company director.

Lauren Booth, who is a presenter with the controversial Iran-funded Press TV channel, declared herself bankrupt last December. Her creditors included Cherie Blair, her half-sister, who lent her £15,000 after she wrote to the wife of the former prime minister for help.

Despite having 10 months to inform Companies House of her bankruptcy, as she is required to do by law, she is still registered as a director of Lauren Booth Productions.

She has, automatically, triggered a £750 fine for failing to file her accounts within three months of the deadline in July. According to Companies House, they have still to be lodged.

The Official Receiver, who oversaw Booth’s bankruptcy, confirms that she was given no special exemption to continue as a director. Failing to stand down can lead to “criminal prosecution resulting in a fine, and or a prison sentence”.

Booth, who could not be reached for comment, wrote about her bankruptcy earlier this year. “The person going through bankruptcy feels alone, often struggling with the shame and embarrassment.”

I’m sure this is somehow the fault of the Jews. At least she was already morally bankrupt, so she has experience.

Either way, she’s gonna need a hell of a lot of spiritual morphine.

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