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Lauren Booth Defends Hamas’ Right to Fire Rockets At Israeli Civilians

I guess there is nothing surprising about "journalist" Lauren Booth tweeting her support for the terrorists firing rockets at Israeli civilians, including kindergarten children

Fraud Lauren Booth Undone By Fraud

It has been a while since I posted about antisemite Lauren Booth, but she's back in the news for having her dishonesty catch up with her

Haters, I Hate To Break The News But Zionism Is Central To Judaism

A post inspired by my brother-in-law's wedding last night
Lauren Booth hamas

Hilarious Lauren Booth Cameo

Egyptians know a dumb blonde kurva when they see one.

Antisemitic NOT Anti-Zionist

A key tactic of the Israel haters is to accuse pro-Israel people of confusing their anti Zionism for antisemitism

Lauren Booth’s Pathological Hatred Of Israel

The Israel hater and apparent hater of Jews detests Israel so much, that she gets nachas from the most trivial of Israeli "failures."
Lauren Booth hamas

Lauren Booth’s Ironic Tweet Of The Day

Alanis Morissette just called. She said she needs to add some new lyrics to an old song

Lauren Booth’s Full of Shiite

Video of Lauren Booth's performance for the media, including some new porky pies

Lauren Booth, Online Bully

While she claims she has felt scared of "grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women," Lauren Booth has tried to intimidate opponents online.

Lauren Booth Hams It Up For The Media

Lauren Booth is back in the news, this time hamming it up for the media by claiming to feel scared of "grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women"

The Newlyweds: Lauren Booth And Hubby Take A Stroll

Lauren Booth has been seen out and about with her new husband and it would be fair to say that they give Felix Unger and Oscar Madison a run for their money

Lauren Booth Reminisces About Her “Almost Topless” Days

Everyone's favorite antisemitic convert to Islam believes if a man ogles a woman's breasts, it is the woman who is being perverse
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