Kevin Jones From Oakland, California: A Case Study In Numbskullery


Warning: The following post contains images with very offensive language.

Once upon a time, there was a numbskull by the name of Kevin Jones. He decided to embark on a horrendous antisemitic diatribe against some Jewish tweeters, including yours truly.

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Being a numbskull, Kevin was the not the sharpest tool in the shed (but a tool nonetheless). So despite having his face hidden in his Twitter avatar, his avatars on other sites clearly showed who he was.

This made it relatively easy for a friend of Israellycool to locate his Facebook profile – which he had not protected too well – making it all too easy to verify this was the antisemitic numbskull in question.

Armed with this information, another friend was able to message many in Kevin Jones Friends list (especially those with Jewish names), warning them of Kev’s proclivity to express interest in gassing Jews (including a link to the proof). Aforesaid friend was even able to befriend Kevin himself – despite the fact he had no idea who she was – presumably because she had an attractive avatar (no doubt appealing to Kevin’s pervert instincts). This enabled her to leave a post on his wall for all his friends to see, at least until he saw it and blocked her.

One can only speculate as to the repercussions this will have on Kevin and his social life, not to mention his employment prospects. 

The moral of the story? Actions have consequences. Especially for numbskulls.

Update: Kevin Jones has linked to this post from his Facebook page. In his sick, twisted mind, being exposed as someone who was played like a violin is less embarassing than being exposed as an antisemitic scumball.

In the meantime, I have changed the title of the post to increase the likelihood that those checking out Kevin Jones will reach this.

Update: Jones has deleted the offensive tweets. But the screenshots don’t lie.

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