POLL: The Boy or The Ladies?

Bikya Masr reports that three women were arrested on Tuesday in Kuwait for not wearing any clothing underneath their abayas.

The women were arrested at a cafe after a young boy told his mother that the women were not wearing any clothes under their abayas. Two of the women were from an unidentified Gulf country, while the other was a Kuwaiti citizen. One of the three is a minor.

Al Arabiya based on Al-Rai says that the three women told police that the night before they had gotten drunk and engaged in sexual activity.

The father of the two Gulf nationals was contacted by Kuwaiti police, however, he told the police that he was “too busy” to deal with the situation.

As of now, the charges against the women are unclear. Marwa Tarek, a human rights activist, told Bikya Masr that if the three are charged with being lesbians then “they could be facing years in prison if the accusations they had consensual sex are proven true.”

Yet, Tarek also made an interesting point:

The boy was probably peeking underneath and then told his mother. It is the boy who should be in trouble, not the three women who did nothing wrong except be in public. I know a lot of women who often wear nothing underneath their abaya because it is so hot and nobody can see.

So, who do you think is at fault? If your vote is other, please explain in the comments.

The Boy or The Ladies?

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