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Kuwaiti Parliament Rejects Law to Grant Citizenship to Non-Muslims

Kuwait's National Assembly’s interior and defense committee rejected a draft law to allow authorities to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to non-Muslims, which is prohibited under the law,

WATCH: Kuwaiti Journalist’s Reason for Supporting Peace with Israel

See if you can follow the logic of Kuwaiti Journalist Ahmed Al-Jarallah, who supports peace and normalization with Israel.

Fishy Business in Kuwait

I just can't.

Kuwaiti Columnist Rips “Terrorist” Hamas for Violent March of Return

Abdallah Al-Hadlaq, a columnist for the Kuwaiti government daily Al-Watan, has blasted Hamas for the "March of Return", placing the blame for any violence solely at their feet.

Zionist Toys Of Doomᵀᴹ Infiltrate Kuwait

Beware the Hebrew-speaking toys!

BDS Fail Of The Day: Kuwait And See Edition

Kuwaiti MPs throw their support behind purchasing Zionist Goods of Doom.TM

Zionist Hybrid Mutated – Weapons Equipped – Rhino Of DeathTM

The latest Arab exposé of our Zionist weapons of death program

Must-Read Thoughts Of a Palestinian

Remember the palestinian who supported the IDF getting rid of Hamas and retaking the Gaza Strip? Well, he's back, this time publishing a post on the shoddy treatment of palestinians throughout the Arab world.

Fail Of The Day: Borat Anthem Mistakenly Played At Medal Ceremony

No doubt a Zionist conspiracy!

Hamas’ Haniyeh Heads for Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain & Iran, Meshal Visits Jordan

After completing a tour of Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, and Tunisia, Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh left for Qatar, Kuwait, and Iran as part of his new tour.

POLL: The Boy or The Ladies?

Three women were arrested on Tuesday in Kuwait for not wearing any clothing underneath their abayas. Are they at fault?


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