Nazi Pallywood 1938 And Fake Italian Charity Workers

The Jew will be using every penny he earns from you to buy your soil & Long Live Hitler

Over at New English Review Esmerelda Weatherwax has been digging around in second hand bookshops and found a gem. It’s a book from the summer of 1939 and it addresses in some detail the links between Islam and Nazism.

Some weeks ago a google search for something else threw up a tantalising quotation from a book published in the summer of 1939 which said “it has been decided to “convert” 25,000 Nazis to Mohammedanism. They will be organised in a newly-formed Moslem association, Jamait-e-Muslimin, which already has an understanding with the Mufti, a leader of the Palestinian Arabs.”

The book describes mobile cinemas showing faked propaganda films to Arabs to rile them up in hatred against Jews. “Fake charity workers” – in something like the role played by anti-Jew NGOs like B’Tslem today *, actually travelled around stirring up hatred!

Esmerelda goes on to cover in much more detail the contents of the book she found, do go and read it all. Here are just a couple of paragraphs.

In Chapter II, “The Rome – Berlin Axis”, he starts by discussing how the fascists seem to be planning to carve up Europe – the Germans want Northern Europe and Russia – the Mediterranean is to be ‘an Italian lake’ – the Italians might fancy the Balkans but Germany has her own plans – Franco has Spain and is neutral but the Germans have a use for Iberian ports, etc. Towards the end is the information that Mussolini set out to conquer Abyssinia as part of a plan to counterbalance his weakness in the eastern Mediterranean by setting up an Empire in North East Africa. He declared himself “Protector of Islam” and set up intrigues in Syria, Palestine and Libya against Great Britain and France. This is from P36.

As was reported in the House of Commons in February 16, 1938, in Palestine, “Italian women were disguised as charity workers and nuns and they supplied Arabs with faked pictures of Jewish atrocities and told the Arabs that their poverty was due to British mis-management. Travelling cinema vans showed the Arabs faked pictures of Jews killing Arabs . . . The Italian broadcast from Bari was picked up in Palestine and interspersed in an attractive programme was a series of slogans like ‘Palestine belongs to the Arabs’, ‘Kill the Jews’ ‘Let Palestine Arabs re-arm’.”

* When I call B’Tslem ant-Jew I do so because every time I look at the front page of their website, almost every story is complaining about the actions of Jews and excusing the actions of Arabs. It is a rare day indeed (though of course it happens) when they are goaded into criticising as gently as they can, their beloved, downtrodden Arabs.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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