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Sprung! Israel Haters Caught Trying to Scam People Out of Money

My friend Ari stumbled upon a fundraiser for a young girl from Gaza named Noor. Except Noor from Gaza did not exist, except as a character in a Pallywood production

“Iconic” Shirtless Palestinian Rioter Reportedly Injured. The Photos Tell a Different Story

According to some reports, "Triple A" A'ed Abu Amro - otherwise known as shirtless terrorist who George Takei crushed on - has been shot

Latest Blood Libel: The Case of the Cruel Israeli Soldiers

A video allegedly of IDF soldiers brutalizing a palestinian has been doing the rounds the last few days

WATCH: Palestine’s Got Talent!

I realize Eurovision dominated our posts yesterday, so time to move on to another competition show: Palestine's Got Talent.

The #FakeNews Casualty Nonsense Continues

Ha’aretz and all the news wires are continuing to report #FakeNews casualty counts from Hamas.

Yet More Pallywood! Magic Bullet Edition

One bullet that can make multiple palestinians go down writing in pain. Without any sign of blood, mind you.

Ridiculous Pallywood of the Day

For today's Pallywood, the palestinians have literally gone to Hollywood

Pallywood of the Day: Damsel in Distress Edition

Yet another example of what I strongly suspect is a staged scene

Pallywood of the Day: The Old Man Who Protected a Child from the Big,...

An example of the palestinians and their supporters manipulating the truth

Was The Death of Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh Another Example of Pallywood?

Reasons to treat the palestinian version with extreme skepticism

Pallywood of the Day: Horsing Around Edition

Quite the reaction

Paul Joseph Watson: Time To Rethink #FakeNews On Israel?

I’m not blaming anyone outside Israel for getting the wrong impression about Israel: the #FakeNews has gone on for decades!


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