Brendon O’Connell, Hungry Hater


Remember Brendon O’Connell, the Australian antisemite sent to jail over a year ago for racial hatred?  In case you don’t recall the kind of person he is, you can see here all my posts dealing with him, including my responses to his comments left on this blog. 

We haven’t heard about O’Connell for a while now since apparently he can’t maintain his blog while in prison (not to mention his posture). But now I’ve discovered from the blog of another antisemite that he’s drawn inspiration from palestinian “baker” Khader Adnan, and gone on a hunger strike. Which is appropriate, considering how half-baked O’Connell is.

O’Connell’s now up to day 26, or 16 more days than he can actually count.  

He must be so hungry right now, he’s be tempted to eat even Zionist Oranges of Death.TM

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