Sydney’s Nakba Day Shenanigans


Earlier this week, on “Nakba Day”, a group of anti-Israel, pro-terror demonstrators, marched in a rally in the heart of Sydney, following a Supreme Court ruling allowing it to go ahead and inconvenience commuters since “it should be treated just like Anzac Day or Australia Day”(!)

Here are a couple of photos from the rally.

Just another night on the town with the girls

And here’s video from it, where you can see their exploitation of a Holocaust survivor to further their cause, as well as the many Hizbullah flags.

Despite the prevalence of these Hizbullah flags, they don’t appear on anti-Israel sites like this showing photos from the event, nor this video romanticizing it.

You can read an account of the rally here, including further evidence of the anti-Israel protesters trying to cover up their true goals:

With the march completed, some protesters began to chant “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya-yahood, jaish Mohamed sama’ud”  (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return), but were told by organisers to desist, as in not now and not here.

 No. Tell us how you really feel.

And this account includes the sentence “The rally was peaceful and there was no trouble” right before the first photo I posted above. Yeah, peaceful if waving flags of terror organizations hellbent on destroying Israel is considered peaceful.

The sad thing is, to these haters, nothing says “peace” better than eradicating the Jewish state.

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