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WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu Addresses Audience In Sydney

Catch the Prime Minister as he addresses an audience in Sydney

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Jake Lynch Needs To Explain This

BDSHole Jake Lynch has some explaining to do

Reader Post: Postcard From a Grieving City

Reader Ori, an Israeli living in Sydney, shares his thoughts on the Lindt Café siege, and its aftermath

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): Some Thoughts On The Sydney Siege

I did not read that it was a "seeming" or "apparent," attack.

Some Thoughts On Sydney Hostage Crisis

The hostage crisis in Sydney has got us worried but also thinking

Happy New Zionist Year

I realize New Years has passed, but I could not help sharing this photo from the Sydney firework celebrations

Warning Notice To BDS Activists

It is lawful to criticise Israel's policies. It is not lawful to boycott Israeli people and businesses because of disagreement with those policies.

Shurat HaDin Threatens And Mocks BDSHoles

Israeli civil rights law centre Shurat HaDin has threatened legal action against some BDSHoles, but it is the wording of their press release which is of particular interest

Scenes From The Nakba Day Rally In Sydney

See if you can spot the Hizbullah flag

Al Quds Day In Sydney, Australia

Just a "peaceful demonstration with no ill intent towards any Jewish people"

Sydney’s Nakba Day Shenanigans

Earlier this week, on "Nakba Day", a group of demonstrators, marched in a rally in the heart of Sydney. Cover-up hilarity ensues.
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