Barry “Dame Edna” Humphries’ Dig At Anti-Israel Actress

I have long heard that comedy legend Barry Humphries, the man behind Dame Edna and other characters, is pro-Israel. No, I didn’t read that on the Internet (although I did read that he made Dame Edna Jewish), but rather heard it directly from people in the real world. Go figure.

With this in mind, when I saw this exchange with Jewish BDS-hole Miriam Margolyes on ABC Australia’s Q&A, I couldn’t help but see it as Humphries taking a dig at her for her anti-Israel ways.

Update: Daphne also sees this as indicative of Humphrie’s pro-Israel views.

3 thoughts on “Barry “Dame Edna” Humphries’ Dig At Anti-Israel Actress”

  1. I’ve never seen “Dame Edna” out of drag. Talk about cognitive dissonance! I agree with you that he was probably havign a little dig, but I don’t think Margolyes got it.

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