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WATCH: BDS Described as “Antisemitic” & BDS-Hole Jeered on Australian TV

Some heartening scenes on ABC Australia's Q&A show last night

Man Who Complained He’s Called “Muslim Pig” Calls Jews “Pigs”

A vile hater and deceitful hypocrite.

WATCH: Q&A On Terrorism

An interesting discussion

Q&A: Bob Carr Gets Spiked And Nigel Kennedy’s Fiddling Response

The latest episode of ABC Australia's Q&A tackles some thorny topics

Barry “Dame Edna” Humphries’ Dig At Anti-Israel Actress

Comedy legend Barry Humphries takes a dig at Jewish BDS-hole Miriam Margolyes

Austen Tayshus vs The Moonbats

In this week's episode of Australian ABC's Q&A program, the debate turned to Israel, the BDS movement, and the Gaza flotilla, with comedian Austen Tayshus doing an admirable job against Greens nutcase Lee Rhiannon and "journalist" Paul McGeough.
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