One Week In A Better Place


My latest report for Green Car Reports came out yesterday. Follow the link below to read the whole piece and feel free to ask me any questions over there or back in the comments here at Israellycool.

Green Car Reports: Better Place Electric Renault Fluence ZE In Israel: 1st Week.

There are a couple of little extra points I can mention here. My kids still insist on taking turns to plug in and unplug the new electric car. Thankfully there is an inner and outer flap to close which gives both of them something to do!

Next week I’ll have a proper test. I am going to Jerusalem one evening and I’m not doing it for the sake of it, I really do need to travel to Jerusalem. The safest way is for me to stop on the way there and the way back, but it looks like I might be able to park in the Mamilla mall which has charge spots. If I can do that, I can skip the stop on the way there and, depending on how long I’m there, I may even skip it on the way back. But at least I’ll know when I’m on the way home, that if I don’t have enough juice, a 7 or 8 minute detour will take care of it.

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