Shocking Images From Gaza


Fashionably late, as in Wednesday, 14:00 Israel time, Sky News drops in on the action in the Middle East.

Israel has launched a series of air strikes on Gaza after Hamas militants fired rockets into the south of the country.

At least 10 rockets have hit the Jewish state despite seven Israeli air strikes overnight.

The violence has entered its third day and Israeli police have raised their level of alert in the towns and villages within rocket range, although there were no casualties in the latest strikes.

On Wednesday morning, medics reportedly said a Palestinian man was killed in an Israeli air strike on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, raising the toll from three days of violence to seven Gazans dead.

The strike targeted a man riding a motorcycle in the sprawling city which lies on the southern border with Egypt, medics said. There was no immediate confirmation from the Israeli military.

Five others have been wounded since the bloodshed erupted on Monday morning, but officials in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip said there were no casualties in the overnight attacks.

“Overnight, IAF (Israel Air Force) aircraft targeted six terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip. Hits were confirmed,” a military statement said, later confirming a seventh strike in what it said was a response to the persistent rocket fire.

Among the sites hit were a training centre used by militants, the Ezzedine al Qassam Brigades, and several naval police outposts, Palestinian security sources said.

The raids took place several hours after a rocket hit an Israeli border police outpost in Yad Mordechai, just north of the Gaza Strip, wounding four border policemen, one of them seriously, Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

In total, 45 rockets hit Israel on Tuesday, all of which were claimed by the Hamas armed wing in a rare show of force. Previously, the group had been observing a de facto truce on rocket attacks.

As the violence rumbled on, a senior Gaza official said Egypt was in contact with Israel and the militant groups in a bid to restore the calm.

“The Palestinian factions are ready to return to the calm as long as Israel stops its attacks,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Giora Eiland, Israel’s former national security adviser, said he believed that Hamas would “find a way to calm things down and return the quiet in the next two or three days after proving to the other factions that it is capable of acting against Israel”.

First impression for random readers: “Israel bombs Gaza”. That is what appears on their homepage. They do say it was in retaliation, but the first impression does the damage. It is also worth noting that SkyNews never mentioned the attack from the Sinai, nor have they mentioned the reason for the Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday, a good 3 hours before the article was published, Avital Leibovich tweeted this:

Yet SkyNews opens with one hell of a biased statement:

At least 10 rockets have hit the Jewish state despite seven Israeli air strikes overnight.

Despite? Are we back to the proportional war meme? Did the terrorists in Gaza have to fire more than 67.134 rockets a day in order for Israel to be allowed to strike the Gaza strip 7 times? When that drivel was published, the current attacks had been going on for two days, as a result of imminent terror activities from Gaza, and the deadly attack from the Sinai.

 …although there were no casualties in the latest strikes.

Right. 11 border guard officers aren’t casualties but collateral damage. I guess SkyNews sees them as legitimate targets, while random “motorcyclists” or “Gazans”, are nothing but simple folk, not related in any way to terrorist groups.

Speaking of Gaza and memes, let’s see how the “World’s largest prison” and “The blockade” memes are doing.

A Palestinian man looks at burnt cars outside a house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza Strip June 20, 2012. The Israeli military said it had struck militant sites on Wednesday in retaliation to rocket fire into Israel earlier.

Ah yes, the two story villa with the SUV’s parked outside kind of prison. SHOCKING! This house probably belonged to one of those terrorists hit by Israel, and this proves two things:

  1. Terrorism is embedded within civilian infrastructure.
  2. People high up the ranks live a conspicuous lifestyle, nowhere near the regular folks they are using and abusing.

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