In other words, she’s ripped the A-hole a new a-hole:

Jacques-RoggeThe widows of two Israeli athletes killed in the Munich Olympics bitterly attacked the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, at a memorial service for the Munich 11 in London tonight over his refusal to allow a minute of silence at the opening ceremony.

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person left who still believes in Olympic ideals,” Ankie Spitzer told the audience, which included Rogge. “Is the IOC only interested in power, money and politics?”

“Shame on you, IOC,” said Spitzer, who was married to fencing coach Andre Spitzer. “You have forsaken the 11 members of your Olympic family. You are against them only because they are Israelis and Jews.”

Ilana Romano, widow of weightlifter Yossef Romano, told Rogge to a standing ovation that “today, you submitted to terrorism.

“You will be written down on the pages of history as a former athlete who became a president who violated the Olympic charter that calls for brotherhood, friendship and peace.”

The widows’ campaign for a minute of silence at the opening ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1972 attack, in which 11 Israeli athletes died, gained more than 111,000 signatures from over 100 countries, and attracted support from American President Barack Obama. However, Rogge refused to allow the memorial to go ahead.

You can see Ankie in action from 1:10 onwards:

6 thoughts on “Wife Of Murdered Israeli Athlete Rips Rogge”

  1. Meanwhile, American Jewish gymnast Aly Raisman won another gold medal for her floor exercises, performed to the melody of Hava Nagila. Afterwards, she told the press that while her musical selection was not intended to show up the IOC, she was happy it did and expressed her own solidarity with the murdered Israelis. From somewhere in the great beyond, Jesse Owens is smiling.

  2. It is after all an unti-Israeli world. The media is as silent about this as a crock who opens his mouth just to feed. I think to myself what if he had lost 11 Belgian athletes. Would he have done the same? He probably has nazi or anti Jewish ideals somewhere in his far family origins. It’s a matter of education. As my mother always says: “those who HAVE could never understand those who don’t”

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