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An Open Letter To The IOC

I write to the IOC with little real hope that they will listen.

Egyptian Beach Volleyball Player From Iconic Photo Turns Out To Be Hater

Egyptian beach volleyball player Doaa Elghobashy is not very tolerant

Egyptian Judoka Continues To Show What Miserable Person He Is

As if the refusal to shake the hands of his Israeli opponent Or Sasson wasn't bad enough

Israeli Judoka Or Sasson Doesn’t Get Mad – He Gets Bronze

Well done Or. You have indeed showed the world Israel's beautiful face.

Media Misses The Real Point With Palestinian Pool-Gate Story

The media have not been asking the right question

If BBC News Reported On Sport

Warning: not for the satire impaired

Israel’s Yarden Gerbi Wins Bronze At Rio Olympics

A proud moment for Israel

New Water Libel: Cry Me A Pool Edition

There's been a new water libel in town, and unlike the old one, there's no fictitious rabbis involved.


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