The Inmate Insemination II: Teen Pregnancy

Yesterday’s post by Dave and the inconceivable events (pun intended) that took place are just half the story.

Today, the Times of Israel has an article that goes even further, quite possibly describing events that I shall call “culture”.

Palestinian woman gave birth to a boy this week using sperm that was smuggled to her from her husband, a Hamas member who has been in an Israeli prison for 15 years and is serving multiple life terms.

Ammar al-Zein’s sperm was smuggled out of the Israeli jail three years ago. The child, the couple’s third, was conceived with his genetic material via artificial insemination at the Razan Medical Center in Nablus.

According to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency, after two failed attempts, Al-Zein’s wife Dalal, 31, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, weighing 3.8 kg.

The parents named the child Muhammed, after a friend of the family who they said was killed by the IDF. They already had one child when Al-Zein was jailed, and Dalal was pregnant at the time with their second.

The parties involved refused to give details of the smuggling and the conception.

Dalal was quoted by Ma’an as saying, “This accomplishment is dedicated to the Palestinian people, namely prisoners and their families.”

Al-Zein was reported to be serving 25 life terms. Ma’an gave no details of his offenses.

If Al-Zein was in Jail for 15 years, and his wife is currently 31 years old, that means she was 16 and pregnant when he was arrested. Moreover, they already had a child, whom I presume was around 1 year old, which puts their first child being conceived when Dalal was 14 to 15 years old.

To sum up, we once again have a case of MEMGRA (Middle Eastern Man Girl Rape Association). The humane left will remain silent about it because they are closet racists who don’t expect anything remotely humanist from Pal-Arabs, and it will tarnish the image of this “wonderful” anti-Israel story.

Alternatively, this whole story is B.S.

3 thoughts on “The Inmate Insemination II: Teen Pregnancy”

  1. uncle joe mccarthy

    we are dealing with the culture that still believes that if it bleeds, you can bed it

    i use the term it, because no matter what the arabs say, women are treated like property

    democracy cannot grow in a peoples who still reside in the 15th century

  2. I’m sorry, but no.

    During the ninteenth century, both Ashkenazi and Sepahrdi Jews often married at 14. (Not to mention that in the States this is common, without marriage.)

    By the way, do we know Israel didn’t let them meet during his term?

    Anyway, there is a much simpler way a wife becomes pregnant without meeting her husband.

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