Ramadan In The Old City Of Jerusalem

I planned a visit to Jerusalem during Ramadan days in order to see by myself the Holiday and learn how the Arabs celebrate it.

During my visit, I found out much more than expected.

One of my favorites places to visit is the Old City. I used to walk straight down King David Street from Jaffa Gate into the Arab market, the souk, and spent hours walking through the narrow streets and alleys together with Christian pilgrims and Jewish seminary students wrapped in prayer shawls, and having random talks with the sellers.

Two Fridays ago, I captured some incredible images and taped some scenes.

My thought was Am I in Afghanistan? Veiled women were sitting on the floor without moving, begging for money. Some were crying, some were praying, some were just sitting there extending their hands covered by black gloves. While not my first time visiting the Old City, it was the first time I saw such images.

This must be part of their traditions I thought, but I couldn’t find any information about it. Seeing them on the floor was heartbreaking and sad. I saw also some little kids sleeping on their laps.

Some other scenes I captured in two videos:

Freedom of Religions in Israel is granted by Law.

Stick that in your Apartheid pipe and smoke it.



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