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Kick Me: Richard Silverstein’s Hack That Never Was

Update (from Aussie Dave): If you are arriving at this post from Richard Silverstein’s blog post, please note that he has libeled me by claiming I “admitted direct contact with the hacker, described the hack in detail, commended his exploits, and turned the attack into a right-wing pro-Israel campaign orchestrated possibly before, but certainly after the attack.”

  • This post was written by Brian of London, not me
  • I was never in contact with the guy who defaced Silverstein’s site, nor had anything to do with it
  • I never turned this into any “right-wing pro-Israel campaign” 
Despite being informed of his “mistake”, Silverstein has not corrected his post nor removed references to what he refers to as my place of employment. His post seems intended to cause me damage.
Please note this before deciding to disseminate this lie knowingly.
More here.
Lets have a thought experiment: what would you say if I were to drive my shiny new electric car into downtown Ramallah with a big Israeli flag on it and park. If I were to leave the keys in the ignition, a note on the steering wheel telling people the special 4 digit code needed to start it and then a big sign on the windscreen saying “Steal Me”.

If I claimed my car was then “stolen” would you support me in pressing for the death penalty for the thief? No, I thought not.

What our favourite incompetent Doucheblogger™ Richard Silverstein appears to have done over the weekend is the cyber equivalent. Jewlicious has posted a fairly long guess at the story and I suspect he’s partially correct.

I was contacted by the person who actually configured the “Israel Rules” page with the “I Stand With Israel” graphic that many people saw over the weekend. I left a comment on that blog and, recognising my name, the person contacted me directly (after approving my comment.)

I’ve verrified the claims: I’m completely certain the person I’m conversing with did have control of that page. I’m going to pass on what has been said to me.

The person (it’s not even remotely correct to call him a hacker) merely went to Richard’s site and found a completely unconfigured version of WordPress. This person is technically competent and couldn’t resist “walking through an unlocked door”. This person quickly set up the site which is the work of minutes. Anybody who has hosted their own WordPress blog for more than a week would be able to do this.

So what really happened?

Simple really. As Jewlicious points out Dickie has been publicly moaning on Twitter about his hosting company: Host Gator. He’s publicly stated he wants to move to Dream Host. Dickie’s blog doesn’t get much traffic (and we saw that with the counter on the temporary site too). He’s way below Israellycool’s traffic.

What this looks like is Dickie screwed up the move. He probably moved DNS before correctly setting up the WordPress on the new host.

That’s it. No Mossad, no CIA, no MI5 just one dumb idiot who isn’t fit to handle a ball point pen lest he stab himself with it.

And he’s now threatening to “reveal” the identity of the “hacker” and has already threatened that person’s children. Once again Richard Silverstein proves himself to be exactly what we at Israellycool have been calling him for years. Doucheblogger™.

Perhaps someone would like to buy Dickie this T-shirt.

18 thoughts on “Kick Me: Richard Silverstein’s Hack That Never Was”

  1. OMG that’s even stupider than I suspected! And super hilarious. In the meantime, Silverstein went from “But how we can roar when given half a chance” to ” I need to do more research and explore other options available to me concerning the hack.” Our “hacker” shouldn’t worry. He didn’t do anything wrong. Silverstein can name him but in doing so he’d just be confirming what a dumbass he is.

  2. Unfortunately, according to the law, “unauthorized” access and use of computing resources is breaking the law. Whether the resources were poorly configured or secured or not is besides the point.

    Real world equivalence – if you walk into someone’s house who left the door unlocked, moved some things around and then left, in the US you’re liable for Trespassing and Malicious Mischief. In Israel you’re liable for Breaking and Entering (even though you didn’t break to enter).

    And in your example, because you left the keys in the car doesn’t not make it theft to take the car.

    Of course, making that kind of mistake on the Internet is serious foolishness, as would be you parking your car in Ramallah.

    1. I agree completely Akiva. Theft is theft and entering an unguarded property is trespass. I’m sure, in law, my correspondent would have a case to answer, but in reality the nature of the mistake made by Dickie would preclude this from going any further. The site put up was entirely harmless: no malicious software; not defamatory or threatening; and he deleted nothing. That would be another factor making prosecution of this issue a complete non starter.

      All it goes to show, again, is what a complete incompetent this man is. We wouldn’t spend this much time on him, however, if it weren’t for the attention occasionally lavished on him by Main stream media outlets who’s agendas his lies help prop up.

      1. Ah, but in the eyes if Dickie, the appearance of him with a pro-Israel banner is defamatory. It tarnishes his image and threatens his own anti-Israel credibility.

        1. that was actually the first thing on my mind.
          If you (Dickie) are pro-Israel, then what’s all the screaming about?
          He actually lost a reader because of this. How ironic.

    2. uncle joe mccarthy

      david assange, the man who should get a bullet in the head for the stuff he has recently pulled, did much, much worse, as a hacker in australia

      he didnt even get a slap on the wrist

      its wrong, but it happened as a result of dickie being a functional retard

      1. Who the heck is david assange? The only Assange I know is a hero journalist who brought down dictatorships and brought empires to look at themselves in the mirror.

        It is you who should be thrown in a gas chamber and then burned for advocating such things. Go to hell

        1. i am a little lost as i wanted to follow the comments.
          the only david assange i can see is on a social media site and i do not use these items
          julian paul assange yes i am aware of him
          so who is david?

        2. sorry, meant julian

          and he isnt a journo

          any idiot can post things on the net

          and he brought down nothing

          but put many lives at risk

  3. uncle joe mccarthy

    i was at least partially right.

    had a client once that changed hosts without telling me and called me in a panic when they stopped getting email as they host their own exchange server

    i didnt even think to ask them if they had changed hosts and spent hours wasting time troubleshooting

    then the manager came up to me and told me that it had slipped her mind to tell me about teh host change, and could that be the issue…i totally cracked up

    ot, but cool and weird at the same time…watch the beginning of this vid from sk about the evils of nk….note the guy on the right

    Inside NK – The true picture of North Korea

  4. ok, I swear, this time when Mossad calls me to offer me that overseas job, i’m behaving with more derech eretz..

    Meantime, Last night, after returning from late night selichot recital, and “Real Tikun Olam”, I rummaged through the fridge and found the Sauce of the Leak that led to poor Richard’s website being hacked.

    I’m also suggestion if instead of reaching for the sky with tikun olam, perhaps he’ll just consider Tikun Haklali for now

  5. Dickie's Iranian Foreskin

    I am thinking of offering to sell Dickie’s foreskin on eBay. Can anyone spare a wire cutter so I can go to Seattle to pick it up?

  6. Richard Silverstein

    Hey no fair – you have revealed that I make up all those “people” who leave comments on my infantile pro-Hamas terrorist blog, agreeing with myself. I wanted to keep that secret!

  7. “Dickie’s blog doesn’t get much traffic (and we saw that with the counter on the temporary site too). He’s way below Israellycool’s traffic.”

    Where/how does one find that traffic data? In a profile of him last year by his hometown newspaper, the Seattle Times, Dickie claim to be “in the top 20 among world politics blogs.” Surely someone of Dickie’s rectitude wouldn’t lie about something like that.

    (BTW, when Dickie told his readership about the terrible thing done to him recently by those evil “hasbarists” working with the Mossad, he coupled it with his usual appeal for donations to support his enterprise.)

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