Better Get A Replacement Car Ready


It’s hard to explain to people how good the service from Better Place is. At 13:00 today a warning light came on in my car as I drove on Ayalon. It said the car would no longer re-charge. I also noticed that the air conditioning seemed to cut out (fans on but not cold).

I called and told the service centre. They told me to turn off the car and wait a couple of minutes and try and they would call me back.

I drove to my destination and did this. They called back and I tried restarting the car but the light was still on. It did move, I still had about 60% battery but the A/C was still not working and it was telling me I wouldn’t be able to charge the battery.

It’s Friday afternoon so Renault’s service centres are shut. They will open only briefly on Sunday morning because thats a half day holiday as Sukkoth starts on Sunday evening. I asked if there was any other option. We’ll call back they said.

Twenty minutes later and they have a replacement car ready for me and a car transporter ready to bring it to me: I’m floored again but this service. I actually opted to save them a little money and drive my car out to Rosh Ha’ayin myself and pick up the car: it’s not far from me and takes less than 15 minutes.

So I have a replacement car parked downstairs, they can look at mine on Sunday and if it’s not ready on Sunday its not a big deal.

One fault on a new car after 6000km is not unusual.

Getting a replacement car on the very edge of what is a long holiday weekend is very unusual. I can’t do anything but keep singing the praises of Better Place.


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